Vanessa Profile

Name: Vanessa Visaya Hamus
Marital Status: Engaged
Occupation: Certified Nursing Assistant
Home Town: Angeles City, Phillipines
Current Town: Plover, WI
Member of Dads Computers Since: 2004

Biography Favorites

Vanessa was born in Angeles City, Philippines, moved to Okinawa Japan when she was 3, moved to the United States when she was four, lived in Lower MI until she was 6, moved to Upper MI when she was 6 and 1/2, and then moved to Amherst WI when she was 9 and Graduated with the most Slackest of classes in the Century.

Vanessa is currently living in Stevens Point, working full time as a CNA at Portage County Health Care Center. Excited because she played Trivia and had a blast. Will be playing Trivia until she's too old to walk

She's currently dating a great guy that is a moderator of the Dad's Computers yahoogroup, Aaron Hamus. They have been dating since January 1st of 2004, but it's really been since November of 2003. They think the world of each other.

When she's not working she's taking notes on: movies, shows, commercials, and pretty much anything Trivia is a part of her life, very much a part of her life around the months of January up to Trivia Weekend. And sometimes, if she's lucky, she goes on dates with Aaron. Those are fun. She loves her life and wouldn't want it any other way.

  Color: Purple
Scents: Jake by Hollister
Flowers: Stargazer Lilies
Board Games: Monopoly
Video Games: anything old school
Sports to Play: Volleyball, Flag football
Sports Teams: Sanfrancisco 49er (if I can't live there I might as cheer on the hometeam)
Outdoor Activities: Camping, fishing, grilling
TV Shows: The Class, Happy Hour, Drawn Together, Family Guy, Simpson's
Movies: Too many to put all down, but if I had to pick one it would be Boondock Saints
Actors: Edward Norton, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Jack Black, Ryan Phillipe, Elvis, James Dean, Adam Sandler, Chris Farley, Dana Carvey, much much more
Actresses: Halie Berry, Angelina Jolie, Reese Witherspoon, Julia Roberts, Marilyn Monroe and much much more
Music: Many taste of Music, everything from Oldies to Rap
Magazines: Cosmopolitan, People, Maxim, Better Homes and Gardening, ET weekly
Books/Authors: Nora Roberts, Anne Rice, and many more
Cereals: Fruit Loops, Fruity Pebbles, Honey Nut Bunches of Oats
Snack Foods: Baked Lays
Cookies: Chocolate chip oatmeal cookies
Candy Bars: all of them
Alcoholic Drinks: Cranberria and sweet or Dr. McGuilacudy's Cherry sour
Non-Alcoholic: Minute Maid Cranappleraspberry
Aspect of Trivia: Running questions, Trivia Stone with the Boys, cooking breakfast, looking for answers (on the computer or the top of my head), spending time with the Trivia Family
Trivia Memory: Top 10 baby!!