Cap'n Patty Profile

Name: Patricia Ann Johnson
Marital Status: Married
Occupation: Educational Assistant
Home Town: Plover, WI
Current Town: Plover, WI
Member of Dads Computers Since: 1978

Biography Favorites

Patricia Ann Johnson was born in Stevens Point, Wisconsin on July 23rd, 1978. She has lived in the Stevens Point Area almost all her life, besides her year and a half when she lived in Houston, TX.

Johnson enjoys hanging with her friends as much as she can. She enjoys playing board games, watching tv and movies, and preparing for and playing Trivia in the worlds largest trivia contest.

Patty married Adam Johnson, on September 10, 2004. They met during the Trivia 32 contest when their mutual friend, Aaron Hamus, brought Adam to join Dad's Computers.

On January 14th, 2005 Patty gave birth to their beautiful daughter, Lily Johnson. She is now 10 years old.

On August 17, 2010 Patty gave birth to another beautiful daughter, Ava Johnson. She is now 5.

Patty, Adam, Lily and Ava are currently living in Plover.

  Color: Lavender, Purple, Green
Scents: Lilies
Flowers: Tulips, Roses
Board Games: Trivial Pursuit, Cards Against Humanity, Fluxx, Munchkin
Outdoor Activities: Watching my girls soccer games, Beerpig Croquet
TV Shows: Too many
Movies: Priscilla, RHPS, Goonies, Midnight Madness, Juno, Hunger Games, Twilight,
Music: Abba, Weird Al, Decemberists, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades, 2 Unlimited
Cereals: Cap'n Crunch, Lucky Charms
Fruits: Bananas, Grapes, Watermelon
Snack Foods: Pretzel Pizza Combos, Dorito
Cookies: Oatmeal Raisin, Sugar
Candy Bars: Whatchamacallit
Alcoholic Drinks: Malibu, Rumchata
Non-Alcoholic: Mountain Dew
Aspect of Trivia: Questions
Trivia Memory: Getting my first 500 pointer & first time our team took 1st place!