Norb Profile

Name: Norbert Dominek Kawski
Marital Status: Married
Occupation: Mechanic Technician At Delmonte
Home Town: Stevens Point
Current Town: Town Of Hull
Member of Dads Computers Since: 1997
Luxury Item: Recliner

Biography Favorites

Norbert (Norb) Kawski was born in Stevens Point, and went to local school in the area. Norb married his wife Vicki in 1976, and in 1980 their daughter Gwyn was born. Norb works for the Del Monte Corporation, in Plover WI. He and Vicki live in the town of Hull; they have lived there for the past 26 years, He enjoys hunting, fishing, doing taxidermy, and cross country skiing.

  Color: Black
Scents: A good fart
Flowers: Impatients
Board Games: Sorry, Trouble
Video Games: n/a
Sports to Play: Fishing, hunting
Sports Teams: Packers, NASCAR
Outdoor Activities: Fishing, Cross Country Skiing, Bow Hunting
TV Shows: Boston Legal, Choppers
Movies: Shrek movies
Actors: Nicolas Cage, Tom Hanks
Actresses: n/a
Music: Country, Oldies
Magazines: Outdoor Mag, Bow Hunting Mag
Books/Authors: n/a
Cereals: Cheerios, Party Mix
Snack Foods: Popcorn
Cookies: Oreo
Candy Bars: Hershey
Alcoholic Drinks: Beer, Captain & Coke
Non-Alcoholic: Milk
Aspect of Trivia: not being around a crowd
Trivia Memory: watching all the mentals on the floats