Nicole Profile

Name: Nicole Frola
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Licensed Optician
Home Town: Neenah, WI
Current Town: Watertown, WI
Member of Dads Computers Since: 1991

Biography Favorites

Nicole Frola is a 30-something cousin of the Dad's Computers Trivia Team who has been playing since about 1993. She lives a quiet life in Watertown, WI where she reads, takes long walks with her dog Bailey, and spends quality time with her friends. During Trivia, Nicole is often found helping with the music questions, out on Trivia Stone clues or in the kitchen cooking vast quantities of cow.

  Color: Green
Scents: Air after rainstorm, chocolate chip cookies baking
Flowers: Peonies
Board Games: n/a
Video Games: n/a
Sports to Play: Tennis
Sports Teams: Green Bay Packers
Outdoor Activities: Walking, Gardening, Swimming
TV Shows: Seinfeld, ER, Buffy
Movies: Breakfast Club, Reality Bits, When Harry Met Sally...
Actors: George Clooney, Matthew McConaughey
Actresses: Meg Ryan, Sandra Bullock
Music: Alternative, Rock, Classical, Jazz, Blues, Oldies
Magazines: National Geographic
Books/Authors: Shakesphere, Barbara Kingsolver
Cereals: PB Capn Crunch, GrapeNuts
Fruits: Strawberries, cantaloupe
Snack Foods: Pretzels, Cool Ranch Doritos
Cookies: Chocolate Chip, Pecan Crescents, Mexican Wedding cakes
Candy Bars: Twix
Alcoholic Drinks: White Russian, Long Island Iced Tea, Mike's Hard Lemonade, Miller Lite
Non-Alcoholic: Coffee, Water
Aspect of Trivia: Visiting with my family and acting totally crazy for a few days a year--it's such a release!!.
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