Matthew Profile

Name: Matthew Bamberg
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Student
Home Town: Bartlett, IL
Current Town: Bartlett, IL
Member of Dads Computers Since: 1997

Biography Favorites

Matt was born in Bartlett, Illinois in 1996. He is currently in the 5th grade at JJ Pleviak Elementary in Lake Villa, Illinois and plays clarinet in the school band. He enjoys spending time with his friends, doing activities with Boy Scouts such as camping, and taking family vacations.

  Color: Yellow
Scents: Fresh Baked Brownies
Flowers: None
Board Games: Clue
Video Games: Matrix, Batman Begins, Star Wars Battlefront
Sports to Play: Football
Sports Teams: Chicago Bears
Outdoor Activities: Swimming, Camping, Fishing
TV Shows: Shows about Ghosts, Scooby Doo
Movies: Scooby Doo
Actors: Batman Movies, Pirates of the Caribbean, Mission Impossible
Actresses: None
Music: Beatles
Magazines: Boys Life
Books/Authors: Ronald Dahl
Cereals: Don't like cereal
Snack Foods: Ritz Crackers
Cookies: Nutter Butters
Candy Bars: Dark Chocolate M&Ms
Alcoholic Drinks: Too young
Non-Alcoholic: Kiddie Cocktail
Aspect of Trivia: Staying up all night, parade, answering questions
Trivia Memory: None