Lori Profile

Name: Lori Bamberg
Marital Status: Married
Occupation: Homemaker
Home Town: Plover, WI
Current Town: Lake Villa, IL
Member of Dads Computers Since: 1984

Biography Favorites

Lori Bamberg graduated from UWSP in 1990 with a degree in psychology with a Sociology minor. While going to school she worked at a Cenex Store which was a fuel & convience store that also featured fuel deliveries, fertilizer and propane sales. She also worked at her parents restaurant.After college, Lori worked at Tomorrow's Children in Waupaca, a live-in facility for children with developmental disabilities.

In 1990, Lori married Steve Bamberg and two years later they moved to Illinois. After a short stint working as a desk clerk/restaurant server at Marriot Courtyard she got a job at Little City which is a live-in facility for adults iwth developmental dissabitities, as a Job Coach supervising an on-campus work room doing piece work, and later with community jobs helping those more capable find and hold jobs working in the community.

In 1996 she quit work and her son Matthew was born. In 1997, her second son, Danny joined the family. Just this last January 2004, she had another son Jonathan.

Lori was introduced to Dad's Computers by Steve Bamberg while they were dating in high school.

  Color: Blue
Scents: Unknown
Flowers: Rose
Board Games: Monopoly, Sorry
Video Games: Hyperbowl
Sports to Play: None
Sports Teams: None
Outdoor Activities: None
TV Shows: Veritas, Crossing Jordan, ER, Trading Spaces, CSI
Movies: Moulan Rouge, City of Angels
Actors: Nicholas Cage, Tom Hanks
Actresses: Julia Robers, Michelle Pfieffer
Music: None
Magazines: None
Books/Authors: Summer Sisters, Judy Blume
Cereals: None
Snack Foods: None
Cookies: Oreos, Homemade Toll House Cookies
Candy Bars: Kit Kat, Dove Dark
Alcoholic Drinks: Wine
Non-Alcoholic: Water
Aspect of Trivia: Trivia Stone
Trivia Memory: Unknown