Katie Profile

Name: Katie McFadyen
Marital Status: Single and Ready to Mingle
Occupation: Regulatory Measures Manager for Mayo Clinic
Home Town: Eau Claire, WI
Current Town: Eau Claire, WI
Member of Dads Computers Since: 1993

Biography Favorites

I like turtles.

  Color: Red
Scents: Chocolate Chip Cookies
Flowers: Daisies
Board Games: Candy Land
Sports to Play: Zumba, Yoga
Sports Teams: Green Bay Packers
Outdoor Activities: Rudimentary Gardening
TV Shows: Sex and the City
Movies: When Harry Met Sally, Pride and Prejudice, Kill Bill
Music: British Invasion and Bob Marley
Magazines: Rolling Stone
Aspect of Trivia: Being with my second family that I got to choose
Trivia Memories: Missing the Bye Bye Birdie question, Sister finding two 335 pointers during the blackout in 2014, Flinstoning on a Trivia Stone, Patty eating a donut with a leaf on it, The Poop Monster