Gwyn Profile

Name: Gwynndolynn Marie Kawski
Marital Status: Hopelessly in Love
Occupation: Graphic Designer
Home Town: Stevens Point, WI
Current Town: Edmonton, AB (Canada)
Member of Dads Computers Since: 1996

Biography Favorites

Gwynndolynn Marie Kawski was born on June 7th 1980 in the grand city of Stevens Point, birth place of the worldís largest trivia contest. Despite her yearning to move to a larger city she is learning there is really no place like home.

For the last few years Gwynndolynn has been working as a freelance graphic designer in her hometown of Stevens Point. She has recently followed love to Edmonton, Alberta and is currently working for Consolidated Monitoring, but every year just around January she will add working for Friends of 90fm to her repertoire even from Canada!!!

Now, Spunky spends most of her time working, but on her off times she enjoys RPing, playing World of Warcraft, being part of the SCA, Drawing, Scrapbooking, and of course spending time with her Pumpkin any chance she can. She enjoys hearing from her friends, even if itís only by email, MSN, facebook or snail mail. She misses homework and school, as oddly as that sounds. She has little time for movies and TV in her busy life, but always makes time for the most important thing and that is her favorite holiday "TRIVIA!"

This will be the first year that Gwynndolynn will not be playing from our Headquarters. Itís still undetermined how she will respond to it. Sources say that in 1997 she played the whole contest remotely from her bedroom because she was grounded from Trivia. If she can withstand that kind of isolation Iím sure she will withstand playing from another country.

Gwynndolynn has been playing on our team since, from what we know 1996, but has been playing trivia since 1993! She was introduced to the team by our one and only Cap'n Patty!
  Color: Luscious Green & Brillant Blue
Scents: The basement, Boy, and Lavender Fabreze
Flowers: Lilies and Forget-me-nots
Board Games: Munchkin and SPANC
Video Games: World of Warcraft
Sports to Play: Volleyball, Disc Golf
Sports Teams: USC TROJANS, Packers, Oilers, and The Eskimos
Outdoor Activities: Ewww the outdoors!
TV Shows: Friends, Myth busters, Dirty Jobs, House, Firefly, Simpsons, Futurama, Family Guy and Sex and the City
Movies: 10 things I hate about you, Bring it on, Serenity, Almost any Super Hero, RHPS, Priscilla, and of course Trivia Town!
Actors: Seth Green
Actresses: Julia Roberts, Julia Stiles, Kirstin Dunst
Music: Celtic, A Cappella, Ska, Punk, Pop and the many songs of Andrew Heinrich
Magazines: Print, Renaissance, Home & Garden, and Cosmo
Books/Authors: Graphic Design, Crafting, Sewing books
Cereals: Reeseís Pieces, Apple Jacks, and Just Bunches
Snack Foods: Chex Mix, Dill Pickle Chips, and All Dressed Chips
Cookies: Chewy Chocolate chunk
Candy Bars: Milky Way, Reeceís Pieces, Reeceís PB Cups
Alcoholic Drinks: Do not drink
Non-Alcoholic: Wild cherry Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Lime Pepsi, Raspberry Ice tea
Aspect of Trivia: Trivia Stone, Trivia Float, and Trivia Prep!
Trivia Memory: Pouch Mountain! RHPS float, all the evil things done with the Spock Mask...But lets be honest there are way too many to list.