Cindy Profile

Name: Cynthia Spanbauer
Marital Status: Married
Occupation: Finance Assistant
Home Town: Stevens Point, WI
Current Town: Xenia, OH
Member of Dads Computers Since: 1978

Biography Favorites

Cindy graduated from Wright State University in 1997 with a BS in Accounting and currently works part-time as a Finance Assistant for a non-profit organization.

She has been Married to her husband, Ronald Spanbauer, for 14 years and has 3 wonderful children. Her son Christopher is 9 years old, her daughter Danielle is 5 years old and their newest baby, Zach, is 7 months old

Spanbauer has lived in many different states starting in Illinois and moving to Wisconsin, then North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Virginia, and finally Ohio where she has now been for 9 years and is probably there to stay.

  Color: Blue
Scents: Lilac
Flowers: Rose
Board Games: Monopoly
Video Games: None
Sports to Play: None
Sports Teams: Green Bay Packers
Outdoor Activities: Bike Riding
TV Shows: Survivor, ER
Movies: Wedding Singer, Bridget Jones's Diary
Actors: Matthew McConaughey
Actresses: Jody Foster
Music: Rock
Magazines: Quick Cooking
Books/Authors: None
Cereals: Raisin Bran
Snack Foods: Popcorn
Cookies: Chocolate Chip
Candy Bars: Kit Kat
Alcoholic Drinks: Strawberry Daiquiri
Non-Alcoholic: Diet Coke
Aspect of Trivia: Trivia Stone, Running Questions
Trivia Memory: Dancing on the parade float to Rocky Horror's Time Warp.