Brittany Profile

Name: Brittany Hall aka Ren
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Freelance Photographer
Home Town: Plover, WI
Current Town: Warner Robins
Member of Dads Computers Since: 2001

Biography Favorites

Brittany Hall was born in Plover, Wisconsin where she currently lives with her parents.

Brittany is currently in the 9th Grade at Ben Franklin Junior High. She can speak a little french and a little russian

Hall also enjoys running and playing volleyball.

Brittany was introduced to the team in 2001 by her brother, Bill Schleizer. She has been in the parade the last few years including playing Maggie Simpson on our "Dad's Computers All in The Family Feud parade float & as an army person on our "Dad's Computers: Return of the Dad" USO float.

  Color: The Rainbow
Scents: Lavender
Flowers: Water Lilies
Board Games: Scrabble and Monopoly
Video Games: Final Fantasy games and Zelda
Sports to Play: Volleyball and Soccer
Sports Teams: donít really follow sports
Outdoor Activities: hiking, biking, kayaking, swimming, photography
TV Shows: Family guy, Still Standing, House
Movies: Infection, A tale of two sisters, Moon Child
Actors: Gackt, Johnny Depp, Nathan Lane
Actresses: Greta Garbo, Audrey Hepburn
Music: Japanese and Korean Rock, Trance and Techno
Magazines: The Cure
Books/Authors: I'm a bit of a manga freak
Cereals: I do love the Trix.
Snack Foods: Bananas and anything with peanut butter
Cookies: Peanut butter blossoms
Candy Bars: Rather have a bag of skittles
Alcoholic Drinks: I donít drink unless its with family, but preferred drink would be a grape Smirnoff
Non-Alcoholic: Apple juice
Aspect of Trivia: Unknown
Trivia Memory: Still has to be the Rocky Horror Picture Show float.