Bill Profile

Name: Bill
Marital Status: Single
Home Town: Havre, MT
Current Town: Marshfield, WI
Member of Dads Computers Since: 2007

Biography Favorites

Not much to say here really. Been in Marshfield for around three years I think. Anything there really is to know about me is right up there on the list. Except books! I do like to read and have gone through all the Harry Potter books a large number of times. I also like David Eddings and some of Piers Anthony's earlier work - before he got really weird.

  Color: Black
Scents: Rain in Spring
Flowers: Lilacs
Board Games: Any of them (Settlers, Carcassonne). But I like the epic ones best (Twilight Imperium, Railroad Tycoon)
Video Games: World of Warcraft
Sports to Play: Golf, Nowling
Sports Teams: Vikings, Twins
Outdoor Activities: Walking, Golf
TV Shows: Any Star Trek. Smallville, BSG, Firefly (RIP), Heroes and a lot of others
Movies: Way too many to name. I love movies. Best most recent?? Dark Knight
Actors: Brendan Fraser
Music: 80s and Country
Cereals: Mini Wheats
Snack Foods: Cheese
Cookies: Chocolate Chip
Candy Bars: Hershey's w/Almonds
Alcoholic Drinks: Screwdriver, or just a beer is fine
Non-Alcoholic: Mt. Dew!
Aspect of Trivia: Just the whole concept
Trivia Memory: I haven't been there long enough to make too many memories. Just meeting you all for the first time was good.